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Hello, This is my story

T&T Head Coach

One of my favorite things to tell my athletes is, “I don’t do gymnastics, but I know how gymnastics do!” I say that because I never really did this amazing sport of tumbling and trampoline, and I said I never “REALLY” did it because I did compete for one season. I got my flip flop and it was right back to football, basketball, and wrestling. One day I needed a job and my mom was a coach at this awesome place called Gymnastics Academy of Rockford and told me to come in. Well that day was 14 years ago and I have loved this job more every day since! I have been a national team coach for the USTA three times and this past year I was recently
awarded coach of the year as well. I have also taught gymnastics for nine years. I honestly live and breathe this sport and this gym means everything to me! I believe every person has their own personal genius within them that is meant to make a mark on this world, so I say mark it up!

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