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Hello, this is my story

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GAR has always had a part in my life growing up. My mom will never let me forget that i officially started my journey in parent tot classes. I went the team route for awhile, but after a year of team I decided I wanted to try cheerleading. Cheer went well until my mom told me to make the high school team i’d need more tumbling. She mentioned trying out GAR again but to tell the coaches it was only a one year deal. well one year turned into seven years and competing until the end of my freshmen year in college to fulfill my commitment on the USTA Elite National Team. 

During that time I started another part of my GAR journey, coaching. Since 14, i’ve been balancing being an athlete and coach. This year I’ve decided to put my focus on helping other kids in their GAR journey, wherever they’re at in their journey - just like GAR did for me.

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